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Dear Travel Partner,

are you still debating whether South America is a good destination for families? We are here to show you that the answer is a resounding YES, and all the reasons why!

We have prepared important pointers to keep in mind when planning a South America adventure with children and will address the most common doubts we encounter when creating bespoke programs for families.
Additionally, we will show you some of our favorite destinations that are perfect for children and grown-ups alike as well as a selection of diverse activities that will keep the whole family entertained.

Do you have any further questions or would like additional information? Just click here, we are always happy to help!

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Let's start with the most important thing: people in South America adore children! Family is an integral part of local cultures and accommodating children as well as providing excellent family-oriented services comes with the territory. That fact alone goes a long way, doesn’t it? As for the details of planning a family tour, we are here to help with every step along the way! Here are our top tips:
Provide as much information as you can. That includes exact travel dates, preferred type of accommodation and room distribution, the children’s ages, hobbies/interests, allergies/medical issues etc. The more we know, the easier it will be to put together the family’s dream vacation and factor in family-plan services as well as child discounts. There might also be age restrictions for specific products and excursions, such as cruises, jungle lodges or active tours. As with most things, preparation is everything. We suggest to not only pre-book flights and hotels but also as many excursions and activities as you can. This cuts down on prices and stress! Two very important factors to keep in mind in the planning stage are distances and altitude. Many of our countries, e.g. Brazil, Argentina or Chile, are huge and traveling between destinations takes time. For families with smaller children, our recommendation is to go with longer stays in fewer destinations to make the overall experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Same goes for countries where altitude is involved, e.g. Peru or Ecuador. The body needs time to adjust so a more relaxed approach with more nights at one place is definitely the way to go. We also suggest to avoid high-altitude destinations such as Lake Titicaca, the Uyuni Salt Flats or the Atacama Desert, when traveling with young children. As with all guests, we suggest that families check their government’s travel advice website well in advance for vaccine requirements and other health recommendations to make sure that everybody is well prepared for their travel adventure! Worried about picky eaters? While South American cuisine offers many exciting new foods to try, we know that some of our youngest guests prefer to stick to their favorites. There will be plenty of pasta, pizza, sandwiches and burgers to fall back on if need be! Finally, if you are worried that boredom might become an issue, think again! With its exciting outdoor activities and amazing wildlife observation opportunities, South America is a giant adventure playground and we will make sure your clients have a true once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Uruguay has a big advantage when it comes to traveling with children: as one of South America's smallest countries, no domestic flights are necessary and driving distances are more than manageable, especially with overnight stops along the way.
Take Salto, one of our favorite destinations for families in Uruguay, as an example. You can easily break up the 6.5h drive from Montevideo into several smaller trips by including Colonia del Sacramento, Mercedes and/or Paysandú. Each of these destinations offers amazing sights and activities that will keep the little ones entertained along the way. Once you arrive in Salto, the real fun begins! The city is located in a region of lush nature which can be explored on foot, horseback or bike. There are different excursions to choose from depending on how long they should be and since the landscape is flat, the difficulty level is mostly easy. Salto's access to the Uruguay River also allows for excursions in boat or canoe. The region is an important producer of fruit, such as citrus, strawberries, watermelon and grapes, so how about a visit to one of the family-run farms? Not only will the children be able to learn about how fruit is grown, they can even roam the plantations and pick their own during harvest season!
The real treat, however, is visiting the fantastic waterparks in the area. Salto is famous for its thermal baths and several of them have created play areas for children with splash pads, lazy rivers, waterslides and games, such as Acuamanía or Aquatic Park Termas de Salto Grande. There are many family-friendly hotels close to the parks (e.g. Los Naranjos Resort & SPA Termal, Hotel Horacio Quiroga) and some, such as Posada del Siglo XIX, even have their own small waterpark! To learn more about family travel in Salto as well as the rest of Uruguay, please contact us.
If you want to treat your family to a resort-style experience in Uruguay, Solanas Crystal Beach might be the thing. Conveniently located just outside of Punta del Este, the property includes a spectacular lagoon with crystal-clear water and three white sandy beaches. There is a children's pool with a pirate ship and waterslides, family art and dance classes, sports such as soccer, beach tennis, beach basket, kayaking or stand-up paddling, and evening activities, including live music and magic shows, theme parties and bonfires. Parents can enjoy meditation, yoga, pilates or salsa classes while the children are playing. 
The accommodation options are divided into several areas. There are apartments with up to four bedrooms, offering enough space for bigger families, and you can choose between forest and garden view. All apartments have a kitchen. "Green Park Private Club" offers a more upscale experience surrounded by 140 hectares of wood and with private access to exclusive pools, saunas and gyms. Kalhua Restaurant offers á la carte options for lunch and dinner as well as take-away and delivery service. During the summer months, the outdoor Crystal Lounge provides snacks by the lagoon. 
Chile's Lake District is the place to go for every family who wants the ultimate outdoors and nature experience. Located south of the capital Santiago, this region boasts majestic mountains, abundant forests and gorgeous lakes. There are many amazing destinations just waiting to be explored! This part of Chile is also ideal for self-drivers looking for a more independent travel experience.
You can reach the region via plane from Santiago, flying in to Temuco or Puerto Montt. Our recommendations this month can be best reached from Puerto Montt and we suggest staying in Puerto Varas. There is a great choice of family-friendly hotels in this beautiful town at the shore of Lake Llanquihue, such as Cabañas del Lago and Casa Molino. If you prefer a more upscale option, Hotel Awa or Hotel Cumbres might be for you. Once you have made your base in Puerto Varas, the adventure starts! A visit to Osorno Volcano should definitely be in the list. Located approx. 60km (37mi) from Puerto Varas, you can hike on the slopes of the mountain to be rewarded with views of the Petrohué River, the lake and miles of beautiful forest. Once you reach the ski center, there is a chairlift to get to the top and enjoy the full panorama. If the kids are up for a boat tour, we suggest a 2h navigation across Todos los Santos Lake to Peulla. During the boat tour, you will have spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and once you arrive in the ecological village Peulla, there is a variety of activities to choose from, including horseback riding, zip-lining, kayaking or hiking. For kids who love hiking and exploring the forest, we recommend a trip to Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. There is a variety of trails that lead to lava paths from past volcanic eruptions, along rivers and lakes, and to one of the most spectacular sights: the Petrohue Waterfalls. You can also make a game of spotting animals during your hike!
Curious for more family adventures in Chile? Feel free to contact us!
Welcome to Estancia Cerro Guido, where your dream of an authentic Patagonian experience with the whole family comes true! The estancia is located close to the Torres del Paine National Park and was built at the end of the 19th century as a cattle ranch. While they are still dedicated to their traditional work in cattle raising, the owners also have a deep passion for sustainable tourism as well as conservation in order to preserve this beautiful region and protect local wildlife. There are two options for visiting Cerro Guido, as a full-day experience or an overnight package. To fully appreciate all the estancia has to offer and learn more about their work, we recommend staying at least 2 nights. The 12 comfortable and elegantly decorated guest rooms are located in houses built by the pioneers in 1920 and offer a great view of the garden. There is no TV in the rooms but we guarantee that you will not miss it! The restaurant provides a daily changing menu, incorporating local ingredients, such as Patagonian lamb and produce from the estancia’s own greenhouse and orchard. During the day, you will explore the breathtaking landscape on hikes and rides on horseback or bike, while being on the lookout for local wildlife, including pumas, foxes, nandus, guanacos, Patagonian skunks and condors. You can also participate in the daily activities with the local gauchos, like caring for the horses and free range chickens or tending to the organic orchard. Once the children are in bed, you can enjoy a glass of delicious Chilean wine and revel in the peaceful silence of the Patagonian countryside. 
There are many reasons why Bariloche is a fantastic destination for families. The city itself is absolutely beautiful and the landscape is nothing short of spectacular. Bariloche is also famous for its chocolate and there are many stores in town that sell mouth-watering chocolate goodies. By far the best feature however, is the amazing selection of outdoor activities, especially the adventurous kind. Here are a few of our favorites!
When traveling with teenagers, a thrilling rafting tour is the way to go (14 years+). After a safety talk, you head out on a calm section of the Manso River to get used to the raft and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, including white sand beaches and waterfalls. Then it is time to conquer the rapids, navigating through narrow canyons - the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is amazing! A lower difficulty rafting tour suitable for children from the age of 5 is also available. The tour leads from the confluence of the Villegas and Manso Rivers to the Lower Manso Valley. Remember to bring towels and a change of clothes! For a calmer approach, how about kayaking on Lake Gutierrez (6 years+)? You first practice navigating the kayak in a protected bay with calm water before paddling along the shoreline and exploring desolate and paradisiacal beaches. To make a day out of it, you can combine the kayak tour with a trek through pristine forest, along ravines, hills and towering waterfalls to a viewpoint with a fantastic panorama of the Mascardi Lake. A riding tour across the Patagonian steppe is a lovely alternative for those who prefer to stay on land. There are routes available for inexperienced riders that are even suitable for small children (4 years+). Not only will the ride allow breathtaking views of the rough landscape, you will also have the chance to spot local wildlife, such as deer or condors. A delicious BBQ will be waiting when you return!
Please contact us for more family travel ideas in Argentina!
You don't have to travel to the wide open spaces of Patagonia to experience life on an authentic ranch; we have an amazing recommendation just outside of Buenos Aires for you!
The 19th century colonial style Estancia La Bandada is located in the heart of the Argentinean pampa (1:45h drive from Buenos Aires) and surrounded by a beautiful wooded park. The choice is yours: go for a day-long adventure or spend the night in one of their 5 cozy, lovingly and individually decorated rooms. The three private rooms and two apartments (two bedrooms each) all have a private bathroom and two of the private rooms have a fireplace.
After a delicious welcome with empanadas and drinks, there is a variety of activities to choose from. How about a walk on the gorgeous property or a ride (bike or horse) to explore the surroundings? La Bandada also offers bird watching tours, cooking classes and visits to their garden where lots of fresh produce is grown. Depending on the time of year, you can even help with watering, planting, harvesting or pruning! There is nothing better than picking fruit and vegetables that you get to enjoy later, for example in La Bandada's delicious “asado”, a traditional Argentinean BBQ.  
The Galapagos Islands have everything that will make children's eyes sparkle with joy: fascinating lava tunnels, exciting pirate stories, rocky islands that were made to climb and run, beaches to swim and play, and of course countless animals to marvel at!
One of the easiest (but more expensive) options to explore the archipelago is a cruise. From transportation to excursions and meals, everything is included on board. Some bigger vessels have designated play areas for children, interconnected cabins and trained guides who can explain this unique ecosystem in a child-friendly way. A few cruise lines even offer special family departures with a program that is designed specifically for children. However, there is a recommended minimum age for Galapagos cruises, in most cases 6 or 7 years, and any exceptions to this rule are at the discretion of the cruise lines.
Families who prefer a more flexible  island-based tour have a variety of lodges and hotels to select from. You can choose to stay on one island only (most economic option) and use it as a base for day tours to nearby sights or embark on an island-hopping to discover more of the archipelago. Out of the four inhabited islands, Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela each offer a wide range of accommodation from 1-5*, while Floreana only has two hotels. Most hotels are family-friendly and there are a few that offer packages for children, including Galapagos Safari Camp in the highlands of Santa Cruz. 
For details about a family vacation in Ecuador and Galapagos, please contact us!
Picture credit: Galapagos Safari Camp
Adventurous families who are still looking to travel in style will have the time of their life in the Napo Wildlife Center, a stunning jungle lodge located in the Yasuní National Park. It can be reached with a 30min flight from Quito to Coca, followed by a 2.5h boat ride from the port of La Misión to the lodge's welcome station. From there, guides will paddle the guests to the lodge in dugout canoes. 
Napo Wildlife Center offers 12 standard cabins and 8 suites, 4 of which are adjoining connecting suites that are ideal for families. All of them have a porch with lake view and a private bathroom with hot water. Meals with a combination of local and international cuisine are served in the lake-view dining room and a coffee station serves unlimited coffee, tea and water.
The package also includes a variety of activities, such as walks on forest trails to learn about typical plants, flowers and wildlife of the jungle or visit to nearby parrot clay licks. The Añangu Lake and its creeks can be explored in paddle-canoes or kayaks and the Napo River can be navigated with motorized boats. The 36m (118ft) observation tower is perfect to observe the high canopy up close and enjoy an unobstructed view of the surroundings. An interpretative center informs about the traditions and culture of the Kichwa Anangu community, which is also involved in the operation of the lodge. 
International travel isn't always easy with children so having a great place to arrive, decompress and get used to being in a new country is definitely a plus, especially if there are as many fun things to do as in Lima! We have selected a few of our favorite activities in this bustling city that will make the whole family fall in love with Peru and get excited to see more!
Let's start off with a chocolate workshop at Lima's chocolate museum, where children can learn about cacao plants and the history of chocolate. Then, they can create their own chocolate bar with their favorite ingredients in a specially designed "Mini Chef" workshop. After all this chocolate, it is time to get active! Peru is famous for its Paso horses and there is no better scenery for a ride than the beach! This activity is suitable for beginners or experienced riders and it is only made better by the sea breeze in your face. If riding is not for your family, we suggest a boat tour to Palomino Island. You get to observe fisherman on their boats, colonies of seabirds, and the second biggest colony of Humboldt penguins. As you arrive to Palomino Island, home of a large colony of sea lions, you can jump into the water and swim with these curious animals - an unforgettable experience! In the summer months, we also recommend a visit to Lima's Magic Fountain Park, located in the Parque de la Reserva. It features 13 beautiful water fountains, including the world's tallest fountain which spouts up to 80m (262ft.)! During the evening, there are 4 multimedia shows where you can admire the fountains "dance” to spectacular music and lighting. The three kid's programs at the Larco Museum will show you how much fun a museum visit can be. Each one has a different theme; the children get to explore the museum in a playful way and do handicrafts. The themes are "The old gods of Peru" (3-12 years), "Fruit of old Peru" (3-6 years) and "The travels of Ai Apaec" (7-12 years) who is a mythological hero from the Mochica culture. Lastly, a visit to Lima's "Malecón", the 21km boardwalk by the sea, is a great way to spend a few hours. There are several playgrounds, a skate park, some food stalls, a café in Miraflores and places to rent bikes. 
Lima also has a great selection of family-friendly hotels, such as INNSIDE Lima Miraflores or Novotel Lima San Isidro. For more tips and recommendations for families in Peru, please contact us!
Just a few weeks ago, Aqua Expeditions welcomed a new vessel to their fleet in Peru. Aqua Nera has the contemporary style and generous interiors the company is known for and the 20 elegantly decorated Design Suites leave nothing to be desired. The ship features an observation deck, an outdoor and indoor lounge & bar, an outdoor pool, screening and games rooms, a gym and a spa. The restaurant serves an exquisite menu designed by Peruvian chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. Paired with exciting excursions and unique experiences that are waiting in the Peruvian Amazon, this vessel has everything that a family on holiday could want and there will be no shortage of "wow" moments! Observing Amazonian pink dolphins, kayaking along the blackwater lagoons of the Amazon River, and learning about the region's rich heritage and traditions are just a few of the highlights. The minimum age for the cruise programs with Aqua Expeditions is 7 years and any exceptions to this rule are at the discretion of the cruise company. 
One of the very best holiday experiences for children is going to the beach, splashing in the ocean and playing in the sand. With 3.500km (2.175mi) of coastline with unspoilt white-sand beaches, warm transparent waters, coconut groves and sand dunes, the northeastern coast is the perfect ending to a Brazil adventure. There are various amazing destinations in this area, all of which have their own appeal. Some, like Olinda, Fortaleza and São Luís, are popular for their fascinating history and spectacular architecture while others, like Maceió or Natal, are renowned for their outstanding handicraft arts or delicious local cuisine. One of the most famous beach destinations in the country is Fernando de Noronha, a secluded archipelago 354km (220mi) off the Brazilian coast. It is the place to go for families with older children who are into snorkeling or diving as it has  large populations of dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine life. What all places have in common is a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere as well as warm and welcoming people.
There is a variety of beautiful family-friendly hotels and resorts to choose from. If you plan to visit Salvador da Bahia, we recommend driving an hour north to the beach town Praia do Forte and staying at the Tivoli Ecoresort. Not only does the resort offer amazing play areas and activities for children (e.g. bike tours or buggy rides), but the waters in front of the hotel are calm and it is possible to snorkel in the natural pools near the shore. Another interesting visit for the whole family is “Projeto Tamar”, a marine animal conservation project. 
Nannai Resort & Spa at Muro Alto Beach an hour from Recife airport offers a more rustic approach, with its bungalows constructed from locally sourced materials. There are large quadruple cabins for families and the calm waters are perfect for children. The resort is built around relaxation and a deep respect for the natural beauty of the local beaches. Activities to explore the area include raft rides in the natural pools, buggy rides on the beach or stand-up paddle.
Please contact us for more suggestions about family travel in Brazil!
As one of the largest ecological reserves on the planet, the Pantanal Marshlands offer a magical scenery of greens and flowers, flocks of colorful birds, rare animal species such as jaguars or peccaries, and varied types of water life like Cayman alligators or piranhas. What better place for children to learn about ecosystems and nature in an exciting, hands-on way? 
Pousada do Rio Mutum is a stunning lodge in Barão de Melgaço, one of the most beautiful regions of the Pantanal in Mato Grosso. Its 22 spacious rooms are located in small cabins surrounded by the nature of the 7-hectar property. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans, minibar, mini closet, hammock and private balcony. While the rooms do not have TV, there is a TV room in the public area. There are also outside hammocks to relax and a pool. The restaurant serves typical dishes of the region. The excursions include extensive walks to spot animals and exotic plants and learn about the components of the Pantanal ecosystem. You can also go on boat rides on the Mutum River, land safaris by jeep or visit a nearby fishing village to interact with locals and learn about their culture, customs and peaceful relationship with the environment.
Cartagena is a true jewel at Colombia's Caribbean coast and one of the most popular destinations in the country. For good reason! Not only is the location by the ocean spectacular, the city itself is a colonial beauty with a rich history and enticing culture. It also has a lot to offer to keep the whole family happy and entertained! We have selected a few options for children of different ages.
For families traveling with older children (10 years+), a treasure hunt is an amazing way to explore Cartagena's historic center while also working together to solve clues, fulfil the quest and win a prize! Alternatively, the hunt can also be organized in La Boquilla, a beautiful beach and fishing community at the north end of Cartagena. For children over the age of 8 who already have some experience, a city tour by bike is a fun alternative to a traditional way of visiting Cartagena's sights. During a 3-hour tour, you will visit the city's main attractions in the historic center as well as the Getsemaní́ neighborhood. As soon as you arrive in Cartagena, you will find yourself surrounded by delicious food and snacks - Cartageneros are very proud of their Caribbean cuisine! What better way to make children fall in love with local food than showing them how to prepare it themselves? During a 5-hour cooking class (6 years+), a chef will accompany you to the market to buy ingredients and help prepare a yummy 3-course menu with seafood, coconut rice and other Cartagena specialties. Creative children who love experimenting with colors will have the time of their lives painting canoes with fishermen of the La Boquilla community (5 years+). La Boquilla is home to many Afro-descendant families whose main source of income is fishing in its two large lagoons. In groups of 2-4, the children will paint a canoe together with the owner and make their daily fishing trip a lot more colorful! There are many more activities depending on the children's interests, including drums workshops, dance classes or chocolate workshops. Please contact us to learn more!
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