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we are really excited for this month's edition because we are getting active!

After months of spending a lot of time in the comfort of our homes, the great outdoors is calling us and we are keen to follow. It's no secret that spending time in nature is good for body and soul and we are happy to share some of our favorite outdoor activities with you!

With its diverse landscapes and breathtaking sceneries, South America is a treasure trove for adventurers of any age or level of experience. No matter if you are looking for a short excursion to spruce up your trip or if you are planning to embark on a multi-day venture, we will find just the right thing for you!  

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When travelling to Mendoza, most people have delicious wine and food on their mind. But did you know that just 1h away, there is a hotspot for adventure activities? Potrerillos, a small Andean village, represents nature’s beauty at its best with fresh air, good weather, and mountains. During a 7-hour excursion, adventure-seeking travelers will get the chance to immerse themselves completely in these spectacular surroundings. Depending on your interests, you can create a personalized experience by choosing two activities from the following options. All necessary equipment will be provided and during the tour, the professional guides will provide you with soft drinks as well as fruit snacks to restore your strength. 
Rafting on the Mendoza River (1h 15min): You will cover 12km (7,5mi) on the river, including class III/IV rapids (moderate/difficult). 
Mountain Bike in the Potrerillos Valley (2h): Enjoy the Andean landscape during a 10km-bike ride (6mi) with a moderate difficulty level.
Trekking and Rappel at “Quebrada del Salto” (3h): You will hike to a beautiful waterfall to rappel down a 23m-slope (75ft). The difficulty level is moderate. 
Would you like to learn more about this excursion or other activities in the area? Please contact us!
As the hiking and trekking mecca of Argentina, El Chaltén offers a variety of routes with different lengths and difficulty levels. Our suggestion is one of the difficult options that covers a total of 20km (12.5mi). 
Your journey starts right in the town center. You ascend for about 20min to the Vueltas River Valley viewpoint to admire the perfectly U-shaped valley below. After an easy ascent, you reach the Fitz Roy viewpoint that provides an amazing vista the nearby mountains Saint Exupéry, Poincenot, Fitz Roy, Mermoz, and Guillaumet. A trek through the local lenga forest and a 400m (1,312ft) climb leads you to the “Laguna de los Tres”, a shimmering blue lagoon and the path’s highest point. You head towards the “Laguna Sucia” viewpoint to marvel at its glacier and break for lunch. Afterwards, you make your way back to El Chaltén, passing by the photogenic Capri Lagoon.
Like this suggestion? Inquire here about other excursions in El Chaltén!
The Chapada Diamantina is a captivating mountain landscape in the center of Bahia State in Eastern Brazil. It is famous for huge canyons, lush vegetation, rivers, waterfalls and numerous caves. If you're looking for a special exploration, let us take you on a tour to some of these caves.
You start off with a visit to Lapa Doce Cave which you can explore through a 1km-walk (0.6mi), admiring the stalactites and stalagmites that took millions of years to form. Next on your list is Pratinha Cave. It is home to a beautiful subterranean river and lake complex with a natural clear pool - perfect for snorkeling! After that, it is time for a delicious lunch at a local farm before you head to Gruta Azul. Inside the "Blue Cave", you can enjoy a variety of optional activities such as diving, floating and even zip-lining! You finish your tour with a 20min-hike up the Pai Inacio Hill to admire the amazing 360° view of the surrounding tablelands at the sunset, one of the most spectacular vistas in the area!
Click here to request more information about and excursions in the magnificent Chapada Diamantina.
Join us on a hike on the Transcarioca Trail, a 183km (113mi) route through the gorgeous nature that surrounds Rio! It's divided into 25 sections that pass through 6 protected conservation areas, stretching from the wild beaches on the western outskirts of the city to the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain. The sections, which are well-marked and rated for difficulty, elevation and trail safety, range in length from 1.6-13.4km (1-8.3mi). Regular entry and exit points along the route make it easy to choose how much of the trail you want to walk. The trail is located within a 1h-drive from Rio so you can spend the night in the comfort of your hotel. 
For example, you can start your exploration with the Tijuca Forest Gate (section 14), one of the most beautiful parts in the heart of the Carioca Range. The hike takes about 3h (5.8km/3.6mi) and the difficulty is moderate. You will summit the four hills and enjoy spectacular views on route. You finish at Mesa do Imperador, where the royal family used to stop for meals - the perfect break spot. From here, you continue your hike to Vista Chinesa (section 15). This short and easy 1.6km hike (1mi) can be done in 40min and is ideal for families or beginners. At the highest point of the section, a viewpoint offers views of Dois Irmãos on one side, and the Carioca Range on the other. The highlight, Vista Chinesa, provides you with a breathtaking view of Rio's South Zone, with the Christ the Redeemer statue on the left, Rodrigo de Freitas Lake in the middle, and the ocean on the right. 
The next day, you embark on a moderate 4.3 km hike (2.8mi) from Parque Lage to Corcovado (section 19). You will pass by waterfalls and hike under the shade of trees. Gaps in the vegetation allow you to see the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, Cabritos Hill and the Cabeça Creek Valley. After approx. 3h, you reach you destination - the Christ the Redeemer statue. You can either take a van down from here or walk the same way back. 
On day 3, you finish with a relaxing 1h-hike (1.9km/1.2mi) from Praia Vermelha to Urca Hill (section 25). The east end of the Transcarioca Trail is one of the most visited segments and includes one of the most incredible landmarks of the city. Urca Hill has a 360º panorama including Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer statue, Guanabara Bay, and downtown Rio. While the trail is free, the cable car trips have to be paid on site.
For more information about the Transcarioca Trail and bespoke hiking packages, please contact us!
The W-Trek is one of the classic routes in Patagonia - for good reason since it is absolutely spectacular! We want to present you a self-guided 5-day program that we just know you will love. The difficulty level is medium to high.
Your adventure starts in Puerto Natales with a bus ride to Laguna Amarga, the entry point to the Torres del Paine National Park. From there, you are taken to the Welcome Centre in the Refugio Torre Central, your accommodation for tonight. On day 2, you hike to the "Base Torres" Lookout (7–8hs, 13km/8mi). Along the way, you enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding lakes and Mount Almirante Nieto’s hanging glacier. After checking in at Refugio El Chileno, you continue your hike through a millennium-old lenga forest before arriving to the base of the Morrena. From here, you ascend to the "Base Torres" Lookout to enjoy the view of Torre Sur, Torre Central, Torre Norte, Nido de Condor and Glacier Torre. You return to Refugio El Chileno for the night. On day 3, a 5-6h hike to Refugio Los Cuernos is on the program (11km/6.8mi). You hike around the Macizo Paine, circling the base of Mount Almirante Nieto, and later follow the Atajo path. In the course of the day, you admire the incredible sites of Lake Nordenskjöld and the hanging glaciers, before arriving at Refugio Los Cuernos in the afternoon. Day 4 has one of the longest hikes in store (11-12h, 25.3km/15.7mi). After a fairly light first 2 hours, you arrive at “Camp Italiano” where we suggest to leave your bag pack and continue with a light rucksack. You make a climb from the valley of River Francés all the way up to the Francés Glacier Lookout and continue on to the “Británico Lookout”, which offers one of the park’s most impressive landscape views of the peaks Paine Grande, Catedral, Hoja, Máscara, Espada, Aleta de Tiburón and Cuerno Norte. You return to “Camp Italiano” to pick up your pack and then head to the Paine Grande Lodge. It's hard to believe but by the end of day 5, you will be back in Puerto Natales after a round-trip to the Grey Glacier Lookout (8-9h, 22km/13.6mi). There are fantastic views en route but the spectacular panorama of Grey Glacier, Cordón Olguín and the ice floes from the main viewpoint cannot be beaten! Your return from the viewpoint leads you to a pier at Lake Pehoé and you board a ferry to Pudeto. Here, a transfer is waiting to take you back to Puerto Natales.
This is just one possibility to explore the W-Trek. If you want to learn about other options, please contact us!
The Marble Caves are one of the most fascinating natural wonders in Chile; the rock walls shimmering in different shades of blue are simply breathtaking! The formation of the caves took place slowly over more than six centuries, during which time the water of Lake General Carrera washed up against the marble deposits. The walls were left shiny and smooth, a perfect surface to reflect the lake's water. If you want to admire the Marble Caves up close, why not hop into a kayak? The ride only takes about 2.5 hours, making it an amazing excursion during your travels along the Carretera Austral. 
The tour starts a meeting point in Puerto Tranquilo, right at the shore of Lake General Carrera. After receiving all necessary equipment for the navigation (life and paddling jacket, neoprene booties etc.), you receive an introduction by the certified guide who will accompany you. Then it is time to board your kayak (double or single) and paddle towards the natural phenomenon that are the Marble Caves. During the navigation, you can enjoy the lovely mountain panorama that surrounds the lake and immerse yourself fully in the peaceful atmosphere of the lake. Want to know more about kayaking on Lake General Carrera or other outdoor activities in the area? Just contact us here!
If you like to cycle long distances and don't mind a varied terrain - uphill, downhill and cross-country - then one of our biking tours through Colombia might be the next adventure you are looking for! They include a mix of longer and shorter distances at a pace that will leave you plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent landscape! One of our favorites is a 5-day tour along the Caribbean coast that will take you from Santa Marta to Cartagena. 
Your adventure starts with your arrival at the airport of Santa Marta where we will welcome you and take you to your hotel to relax and prepare for the coming days. If you like, plan a couple of extra days to visit the nearby Tayrona National Park! The next day, you are taken to the small town Minca, located in the lush mountains outside of Santa Marta. There, you hop on your bike and start your tour to the Natural Reserve El Dorado at 2.200m (7217.8ft), an ideal place to observe a wide range of birds. On the way you will visit a traditional coffee farm. You spend the night in El Dorado. The biking time is approx. 5h for a distance of 28km/17.4mi. The next morning, you have the option to start your day with an early-morning hike up Cerro Kennedy, a mountain located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Afterwards, you make your way back to Santa Marta (biking time 6-7h, 52km/32.3mi). Day 4 has a special highlight in store for you. You leave Santa Marta and travel to Cartagena. One part of the journey is by car (approx. 3h) while another along the coastline is done by bike (approx. 6h, 55km/34.1mi). On the way, you stop to take a bath in the famous Totumo mud volcano. Did you ever want to be covered in mud, literally from head to toe? Here is your chance! Your last day is dedicated to exploring Cartagena by bike (approx. 4h, 25km/15.5mi), visiting for example the Castillo San Felipe and the San Pedro Claver Monastery. While the official part of the program ends here, we suggest to spend another night or two in Cartagena to revel in the city's unique atmosphere.
If you want to know what other parts of Colombia you can explore by bike, you can request more travel ideas here!
The Caño Cristales River has its source at Serranía de la Macarena National Park, several hundred kilometers south of Bogotá. After the rainy season, between July and November, the crystal clear river shimmers in all rainbow colors due to certain types of water plants. During our 3-day tour, you can see this magical sight with your own eyes!
You start your journey at the airport of Bogotá where you board a flight to La Macarena early in the morning. After checking-in at the hotel, you make a short walk to the Guayabero River and embark on a 20-minute canoe ride to get a first glimpse of the lovely scenery. Afterwards, you are driven to the spring of Cajuche and start walking across ruff stones, through small rivers, wide savanna and dense jungle. You reach Caño Cristales after approx. 25 minutes and can enjoy the colors of the river, shimmering yellow, green, blue and red. Don't miss your chance to take refreshing bath before you walk back and return to the village by car and canoe. The next day, you leave La Macarena by boat again to make you way to the spring of Cajuche once again. On a different path, you hike to one of the beautiful waterfalls in the region, crossing knee to shoulder-deep rivers and dense jungle. You return to la Macarena in the afternoon. On day 3, you embark on a morning boat ride on the Guayabero river to reach an oasis for birds, turtles and monkeys. You have the opportunity observe the animals while the boat is gliding along the shore. In the afternoon, you take a flight back to Bogotá. 
If you are interested in packages to visit Caño Cristales, please contact us!
Our new 7-day Lodge-to-Lodge Trek will take you on an awe-inspiring exploration of the Ecuadorian Highlands, starting and ending in Quito.
As a warm up, you start off with city walk in the historic center of Quito (1.5km/0.9mi), including visit to the Independence Square, La Compañia Church and "La Ronda”, one of Quito’s oldest and most beautiful streets filled with art workshops and galleries. In the afternoon, you drive to Otavalo to spend the night. The next morning, you go on a gentle 12km-walk (7.4mi), stopping at the town's famous handicraft market and Parque Condor. Here, you learn about different bird species like the endangered Andean condor. The route continues around the San Pablo Lagoon before arriving at your accommodation Hacienda Cusin. On day 3, you embark on a hike through local Kichwa communities (15km/9.3mi). You can admire the Andean landscapes, fields of local crops and of course the colorful communities along the way. Your hike ends in Zuleta, where you will participate in a cooking class at a local home before driving back to Quito. You start day 4 with a ride in South America’s highest cable car up the Pichincha volcano, reaching an altitude of 4,050m (13,287ft). At the top, you walk around the moderate trekking routes and have an amazing panoramic view of the city stretched below. Afterwards, you drive to Cotopaxi to spend the night at Cotopaxipungo Hotel. After breakfast, you go on a 14km (8.7mi) walk to your next lodge El Porvenir, located close to Cotopaxi National Park. During the route, you visit the Condor Machai (Condor´s nest) waterfall, cross the Rio Pita, and walk through damp forest. Day 6 brings the longest hike of the trek, following a 20km (12.4mi) green trail through the native forest. You can admire the typical paramo of the highlands along the way and stop the Volcano Guardian´s viewpoint before heading towards Cotopaxi’s cone and finally reaching Tambopaxi Lodge. Your last day holds a special challenge: the ascent to 4,800m (15748ft) on the Cotopaxi volcano. It starts from the parking lot at 4,500m (14763.7ft). From there you climb to the Refugio José Ribas, where you feel the absolute majesty this colossal volcano at close quarters. The walk is only about 800m (0.5mi) but due to the altitude it takes about 1h. Your adventure ends with the drive back to Quito in the afternoon.
Please contact us for details about this program or more outdoor programs!
Peru is an absolute favorite amongst outdoor enthusiasts and a special highlight for hiking fans is the 4-day Santa Cruz Trek in Huaraz. The tour is quite demanding but rewards you with breathtaking views as well as an immense sense of accomplishment.
You leave Huaraz early in the morning for Lake Llanganuco, crossing the Portachuelo pass at an altitude of 4,767m (15,640ft). This is the starting point of today's 3-hour hike to the Paria camp. Along the way, you pass through the town of Huaripampa. On day 2, you get ready for a 6-hour hike, following a trail that was used in pre-Columbian times to transport goods. The highest point of the day is Punta Unión (4,750m/15,584ft) and if the sky is clear, you will have a spectacular view of the mountains of the Santa Cruz Valley. From there, you descend to the next camp, Taullipampa. The next day, you embark on a 5-hour hike to Llamacorral. You can enjoy views of the surrounding mountains including Artesonraju, Alpamayo, and Taulliraju, as well as lakes, such as Hatuncocha and Arhuaycocha. You spend the night in the Taullipampa camp. The last day starts with a 3-hour hike to Cashapampa during which you can observe a change in vegetation as the altitude changes. A vehicle will be waiting in Cashapampa to take you back to Huaraz.
This magnificent region of Peru has a lot more activities in store; request more details and options here.
Are you wondering how to bring yoga practice to the next level? Look no further than a stand-up paddle yoga class on Piuray Lake! This morning experience can be easily included during your stays in the Sacred Valley or Cusco.  
After an introductory briefing, you start your class at 9:30am with a stretching session to warm up. Equipped with your board, oar, wetsuit and life vest (all provided), you head out onto the lake and paddle to a place where the water is calm enough for your yoga lesson. The exercise is specifically designed for a moving surface but flows like a normal yoga session. We promise that you will not only leave relaxed by the beautiful, serene atmosphere of the lake but also with lots of unique memories of this experience! After 90 minutes, you return to the shore where fruit and drinks are waiting. You enjoy some free time at the lake before leaving for your hotel at 1:00pm.
In case yoga is not your thing, a stand-up paddle tour or kayak on the lake is also available. Please contact us for details!
The department of Treinta y Tres is located in the peneplains of Uruguay and characterized by a varied landscape that changes from low elevations to plains covered with sedimentary deposits and extensive swamps and lagoons. What better way to explore this magnificent part of Uruguay than on horsebackEstancia Los Plátanos is located 16km (9.9mi) from Cerro Chato and 120km (74.5mi) from the fascinating land formation Quebrada de los Cuervos. It offers two charming and lovingly decorated rooms and we suggest a minimum stay of 2 nights. They start you off with a 1-hour introduction where you learn about the basics of horse riding or, in case you are experienced, determine your skill level. Afterwards you can head out to your first excursion. Together with a guide, you discover the beautiful property that the estancia is located on. You learn how it is used for sustainable cattle breeding and get an insight into the daily work at Los Plátanos. Another excursion leads you on a 5km riding tour (3.1mi) across the local sierra until you reach the ruins of Don Jacinto, an old property from the 18th century. There are also several hiking trails you can explore, for example to a natural pool or to learn about local plants and wildlife. Depending on the season, you can also go birdwatching. To learn more about horseback riding tours in Uruguay, please contact us!
If you want get a bit more active while visiting Montevideo and Punta del Este, you can go for a city tour by bike. 
In Montevideo, you start at the pier. After a short safety briefing, you cycle into the historic center to visit Plaza Zabala as well as Constitution Square, the oldest plaza in Montevideo and home to the beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral. Next, you make your way to the Palermo district and along the coast to the very unconventional Pittamiglio Castle. As you cycle back towards the downtown area, you stop at the Punta Carretas Lighthouse. Your final visits are the Independence Square, with the old Citadel Gate and the bronze statue of José Gervasio Artigas, and the Salvo Palace. You finish your tour at the pier.
Your scenic ride through the resort town Punta del Este also starts with a safety briefing. After that, you cycle to the old lighthouse, which features crystal panels that radiate light from the top of the lighthouse’s 150 stairs. You ride by the Candelaria Church and through the San Rafael neighborhood. You stop at Brava Beach to admire the unique sculpture: The Hand. Made by Mario Irarrázabal, the iconic fingertips spur out from the soft sand and mark the division between the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean. During the last portion of your ride, you appreciate the coastal views of other famous beaches like Los Ingleses, El Emir, and Mansa.
For more details about our city tours by bike, please contact us!
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