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before we get into this month's newsletter, we are proud to announce that three of our offices have been nominated for the World Travel Awards 2021 in the following segments:

Argentina's Leading Destination Management Company 2021
Peru's Leading Destination Management Company 2021
Uruguay's Leading Destination Management Company 2021
Uruguay's Leading Tour Operator 2021

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After a great feedback on our first Self-Drive Special about Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, we are happy to bring you the second edition of this segment where we will focus on Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

What would you like to explore? How about a drive through Brazil's most beautiful historic cities, traversing Colombia from the mountains to its Caribbean beaches or discovering the treasures that Ecuador's mainland has to offer?
In Peru we have a special treat for those who want something more off-grid - a campervan adventure in the North!

As always, all of our travel suggestions are 100% customizable and we are happy to draw up tailor-made itineraries for you! 

We are also at your disposal if you have questions about self-driving in South America in general or are looking for more inspiration. Please contact our Sales Team here!

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We will show you Brazil's rich colonial heritage along a route that combines picturesque cities, wonderful landscapes and beautiful beaches. Your adventure starts in Rio de Janeiro where you pick up your rental car and head towards Petropolis. Known as the "Imperial City", it is home to the summer palace of Brazil’s last emperor turned museum and the Crystal Palace, a steel-framed building with large windowpanes that was built in the 1880s. From there, you continue your drive to your hotel in Tiradentes. Take a day to explore its baroque-style architecture and immerse yourself in the history of the city that is regarded the most beautiful in the state. The next morning, your way leads through the historical cities São João Del Rey and Congonhas, both icons from colonial times. In the late afternoon, you arrive in Ouro Preto, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The following day, we suggest a walk through the city to visit its many baroque churches, bridges and fountains that are a remainder of the city's prosperity during the 18th century. On day 5, you head towards Belo Horizonte, the last stop on your journey. Definitely schedule a stop at the Inhotim Institute, one of the largest collections of contemporary art in Brazil and one of Latin America's biggest outdoor art centers. Take the next day to explore Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais State and the first planned city in Brazil. We especially recommend to visit Pampulha Lake, a district where you can see the first works of world-renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, landscape projects by Burle Marx and paintings by Portinari. In the afternoon, you return your rental car and enjoy your last night in town. On day 7, a private transfer will take you to the airport.
How about combining a beach stay in Brazil with your self-drive discoveries? If you are in Rio de Janeiro, we recommend to take the relatively short drive to Búzios (approx. 3h). After picking up your rental car, you leave the city via a bridge across Guanabara Bay that takes you to Niterói, one of the most important cultural and historic centers in the country. Take some time to explore it before continuing your way to Búzios in the afternoon. Búzios was a simple fishing village until the 1960s, when Brigitte Bardot discovered the peninsula. Today, the area is a quaint resort with small inns and gourmet restaurants. Get comfortable in your hotel which will be your home for the next 5 nights. On day 2, we suggest you get the lay of the land and explore the surrounding beaches such as João Fernandes, Praia do Forno and Tartaruga. You will find plenty of opportunity to relax and stop at amazing viewpoints to enjoy the coastal panorama. The next day, head towards Arraial do Cabo, a city 36km (22.6mi) away. Its clear blue water makes it a renowned diving destination as well as a true paradise for beach lovers. Cabo Frio is your destination for day 4. It is located 24km (14.2mi) from Búzios and sandwiched between sand dunes, lagoons and the sparkling Atlantic. It is also one of the oldest cities in the country! Your last day in Búzios is all about relaxation - stroll along cobblestone streets, sun-bath at the beach or hop into the hotel pool. On day 6, it is time to drive back to Rio de Janeiro to drop off your rental car. 
Our 10-day exploration of Colombia has lots of highlights in store! Your journey starts in Bogotá where you pick up your rental car and then drive to Villa de Leyva. On the way, you stop for a typical Colombian lunch in the beautiful town Guatavita. Villa de Leyva was founded in 1572 and managed to preserve its colonial charm. Enjoy a day here to explore the town and its surroundings. How about a ride through the stunning Escondido Valley on horseback? The next morning, you embark on a 5-hour drive to Barichara. Expect to be wowed by the lush nature outside your window! If you're looking for a quick thrill on the way, stop in San Gil, around 45min from Barichara, for an afternoon rafting tour! On day 4, we suggest a hike to the village of Guane to immerse yourself in the Andean landscape with the basin of the river Suarez below and the Yariguíes mountain range ahead. The following day, you make your way to the impressive Chicamocha Canyon which you can cross by cable car to admire the view from both sides! In the afternoon, you continue your drive to Bucaramanga to rest for the night. Day 6 has a long but eventful drive in store. On mountain roads and through plains you head to El Banco where you can stop for lunch. Along the Magdalena River you continue towards Mompox, famous for the recruiting efforts of the freedom fighter Simón Bolívar. The next day will give you enough time to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site and if you like, you can embark on a boat ride to the Pijiño Swamp. On day 8, you reach the Caribbean Coast, namely Santa Marta. The small city is the gateway for treks to the Lost City and excursions to the Tayrona National Park. After a good night's rest, you explore Tayrona, one of the most stunning national parks in the country. If you prefer the mountains, we suggest a visit to the Taironaka Reserve in the Sierra Nevada instead. On day 10, you leave Santa Marta and make your way to Cartagena, one of the most popular destinations in Colombia, where you drop off your rental car. 
Geographically small but uniquely endowed with a dramatic topography and a variety of climatic zones, vegetation, birds and wildlife, Ecuador is a great destination for self-drivers. Our first travel idea will take you along the Avenue of the Volcanoes from Quito to Guayaquil. After picking up your rental car, you leave Quito and drive towards El Pedregal, just outside the Cotopaxi National Park. In the afternoon, you can embark on a horseback-ride to explore the landscape. The next day starts with a drive to Quilotoa Lagoon, located inside an inactive volcano crater southwest of El Porvenir. We suggest you make the 0.5km (0.3mi.) walk down to the turquoise water of the lagoon which is a sight to behold! Afterwards, you continue your drive to the small town of Salcedo. Your destination of day 3 is Baños. East of the town, following the Pastaza River, you can take a short hike (2km/1.5mi) to the Devil’s Cauldron waterfall. Enjoy the verdant forest landscape, walk along the hanging bridge, and get splashed by the waterfall’s plunging water! A special treat is waiting for you the next day, on your way to Riobamba. The "Tree House", located on the opposite side of the Tungurahua volcano, has a swing at the edge of the mountain! During your drive to Cuenca on day 5, two exciting sites are on your list: the Ingapirca ruins and Ecuador’s most ancient Catholic Church La Balbanera. You stay in Cuenca for 2 nights to have enough time to explore the city that is filled with history and colonial magnificence. Your final day with your rental car starts with the drive to El Cajas National Park. The diverse flora and fauna, breathtaking waterfalls, glacier lakes, and impressive rock formations make it one of Ecuador’s natural wonders! From there, the last portion of your tour takes you to Guayaquil, located on the bank of Guayas River. Upon arrival, you drop off your rental car in the city.
Cultural insights, lush nature, hot springs and chocolate are just a few of the things that the north of Ecuador has to offer. Join us on a route of discovery to some of our favorite places! Your adventure starts with picking up the rental car in Quito. From there, it is a less than 2-hour drive to Otavalo, a quaint town is famous for its colorful handicrafts, its people’s weaving skills and local culture. On the way, you can visit the Quitsato Sundial monument near Cayambe which is situated exactly on the equator. Once you arrive in Otavalo, your base for two nights, we suggest try the delicious traditional food at Kawsaymi, a restaurant that highlights the indigenous culture and cuisine. Don't miss the Otavalo Indian Market at the “Plaza de los Ponchos”! The next day, you can visit the Cuicocha lagoon located in the crater of the Cotacachi volcano and take a walk along the several paths around the lagoon. Another beautiful destination is Peguche, a waterfall that is considered a sacred place for the Quichua community. On day 3, you drive to Mindo where you will spend 2 nights. The small village is located in the lush cloud forest near the Mindo-Nambillo Natural Reserve. You should include a stop at the Pahuma Orchid Reserve to admire the over 300 native species of orchids! Your explorations in Mindo on the next day lead you to a butterfly farm to observe the colorful diversity of Ecuadorian butterfly species as well as hummingbirds and subtropical flowers. Another highlight in Mindo is a chocolate tasting where you can learn about local cocoa and its processing. After breakfast on day 5, you return to Quito. Just before you reach the city, stop by the Equator monument "Mitad del Mundo" and the next-door Intiñan Museum! You leave Quito behind again the next day and head towards Papallacta for some relaxation. The town is located between the Cayambe and Antisana Reserves famous for its hot springs. Take a long soak in the private pools of your hotel while admiring the stunning Andean landscape! The last stop on your tour is Huasquila Amazon Lodge. During a 2-night jungle package, you will explore the exuberant vegetation of the Amazon rainforest, be on the look-out for the many different animal species and visit local communities. After this amazing experience, you return to Quito on day 9 to drop off your rental car.
This ultimate 21-day journey includes all the iconic highlights that Peru's southern region is famous for.  Upon arrival in Lima, you pick up your rental car and head towards your hotel. Your adventure starts the next day with the drive down the coast to Paracas for a 2-night stay. During your time there, you can visit the Ballestas Islands as well as the Paracas National Reserve. On day 4, you continue further south to Nasca. Don't miss the chance to fly over the mystical Nasca Lines! You leave early the next day to head to Arequipa for 2 nights. While in the city, definitely visit the Santa Catalina Monastery and explore the fantastic local cuisine of this gastronomic hotspot! Day 7 will lead you to the Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world. This is an amazing spot for a day of hiking and with a bit of luck, you might see Andean condors. After 2 nights in Colca, you drive to Lake Titicaca to spend 3 nights in Puno. There is a lot to see, like the floating Uros Islands, Taquile Island, the impressive Burial Towers of Sillustani or the old Aymara town Pomata. On day 12, you reach Cusco and during your 3-night stay here, we recommend exploring not only the city itself but the ruin sites surrounding Cusco. If you want to get active, how about a mountain bike tour or a hike? Ollantaytambo is your destination on day 15. Besides the towns amazing ruin site, you can also visit the colorful market of Pisac on the way. The following day, you leave the car and embark on a day excursion to Machu Picchu by train. Enjoy an additional day in the Sacred Valley to visit the picturesque village of Chinchero, the salt mines of Maras and the circular terraces at Moray. On day 18, you start the journey back to Lima with overnights in Chalhuanca and Nasca. You arrive in Lima on day 20 and after a last night in Peru's capital, you drive to the airport where you drop off your rental car.
If you want to travel off the beaten track, a tour of the northern region in a campervan is just the thing for you! Mountainous landscapes, sinuous roads, ancient cultures and beautiful beaches are waiting for you here! After you pick up the campervan in Lima, you leave the city behind and head to a campsite in Albufera de Medio Mundo, a brackish water coastal lagoon and protected area at the northern coast. On the way, you can visit Caral, a ruin site of America's oldest civilization. The next morning, you head away from the coast in direction of Huaraz to Chavin de Huantar. Along the way, you can stop at the lagoons Conococha and Querochocha. Before you hit the road the next day, visit the Chavin de Huantar Archaeological Complex and Site Museum! After that, you drive to the little town Caraz. If you get hungry during the journey, try fresh trout or guinea pig at a local restaurant. Another interesting visit is the Campo Santo Cemetery in Yungay. On day 5, you will encounter a spectacular landscape of valleys and snow peaks en route to the Paron Lagoon. Relax with the panorama of the lake and turn in early - a long drive is ahead of you tomorrow! After an early breakfast, you start the 7-hour drive to Huanchaco, a coastal city with archaeological complexes and perfect beaches for surfing, where you will spend 3 nights. The following days, you have lots of time to explore nearby sites such as the temples Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna from the Mochica culture or the Chan Chan mud citadel from the Chimu culture. You can also relax at the beach, take a surf lesson or observe the famous "caballitos de totora" (small, narrow boats made from reed). On day 9, you make your way back to Lima with an overnight at the beautiful Las Gramitas beach. After your arrival in Lima on day 10, you drop off your campervan.
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